When the sphynx is next to you the world changes to the best. Better than the sphynx there can be only one more sphynx.

Professional Canadian Sphynx cattery "Prioritet"

Welcome to the website of Canadian Sphynx Cattery. We are mono-breed cattery, that means we work only with Canadian Sphynx breed.

We are located in Riga, Latvia (EU). Our email address info@lando.lv 
Cattery is registred in WCF(Germany).

Our animals are constantly taking part in international exhibitions and receiving high marks.

At the moment we have a new litter of  Sphynx kittens, rare colourings. Mom is – Baltic InterChampion (ICH), Dad - Grand International champion (GICH). You can already make reservation of kitten. Here you can get expert advice on the purchase and maintenance of a kitten.

We are totally against keeping animals in cages and against pulling out the claws!

Canadian Sphynx kittens will be ready to move into a new home after the New Year (just after You will take Christmas tree with all the decorations away from the house). All kittens are vaccinated, accustomed to scratching, are accustomed to use the toilet and, most important, socially adapted.

Our cats live with us. It is important that the kittens are socially adapted and can behave decently in a new home. Kittens perfectly get along with children and are not afraid of dogs. In the house lives a German Shepherd.

Myths about Canadian Sphynx 

There are no allergies on the Spynxes.

Allergie can be on the cats fur. In this case, the risk of allergy to the Sphinx is reduced, but do not disappear. Personally I, although I am a breeder of purebred Sphinx , would never take home an animal, if there is a risk of allergy for someone from the family. The fact is, that I have seen more then once, how people irresponsible take, for example, a puppy for child, and then just give away the animal, as it turned out that the child has an allergy.

Allergies can be not only on the cat's fur, but also on the filler of cat’s litter box or cat’s food.
Very common is allergy to fish food.

Sphynxes sweat and sweat is brown colored.

First, let us remember the lessons of Zoology. Where are the sweat glands on animals? Dogs, for example, do not sweat at all. They are cooling by means of the tongue. Rabbits sweat with ears.
The cat sweat glands are on the paws and ears. So cats just can not sweat like a human.

However, sebaceous glands, which are needed to lubricate fur, are located throughout the body of Sphynx, as well as any other cat (as humans pore). But there are nothing to lubricate as there are no fur. So brown secret can accumulate in the folds of the skin and claws. The more hairless cat, therefore more secret remains on the body.

Still I would not recommend  to take a Sphynx on hands if you are in a wedding dress.

To avoid misunderstandings, just wipe your Sphynx with wet, soft towel.

Sphynx skin requires an incredible care.

Do not confuse Spynx with dogs of Shar-Pei breed. There are many fold on the body of Shar-Pei and these folds on the skin may become damp. So for them needed special care.
But for Sphynx  a large number of folds are only on kittens. There are much less folds on adult animals. It is not necessary to wash Sphynx often. Enough to wipe with a damp towel and not every day, as needed.

Sphynx should be washed frequently.

As mentioned in the previous section, it is a myth. You wash Sphynx as needed (sphynx gets dirty, for example). Be sure to wash Sphynx before the show.

Sphinx's body temperature is much higher than other cats.

It is not. Sphynxes has very fast metabolism. It is important, to maintain the heat. As there are no fur , then heat of the sphinx’s body is very strong, and by touching, seems that it is hot as hot water bottle. In fact, the Sphinx's body temperature is like any regular cat’s (this is easy to check with a thermometer).

Sphynx is completely hairless cat.

This is something breeders aspire. However, it is difficult to meet almost hairless adult  Sphynx. Mostly there are a little bit of fur on the nose of Sphynx. Fur can be found also on the outside of the ears and at the tips of paws (like boots).

The more bald is Sphynx, the more expensive it will be. Do not expect to buy a Sphynx, which will remain completely bald for 250 - 400 Euro. It does not happen. It will be a pet-class animal. For details, see what determines the price of a kitten.

Kittens can be completely bald, but hair will begin to appear in adolescence, females - closer to the period of first estrus, a male puberty - in seven months - a year.

Bald Sphynx can be any color.

This is not. For example, there are no black hairless Sphynxes. Black is the color of the coat. And that’s why the black Sphynx will have some fur. Most often, the code comes in two colors - pink and gray. That’s why most of Sphynxes are spotty.

Depending on their nature, most cats are red (that is, are the bearers of the so-called red color), that is why most of Sphinxes are pink (actually, they are red), and all the cats are carriers of the banding gene. However, the gene may be dominant  (main) and recessive (more weakly expressed). If interested - read the book "The genetics of cats."

There are any colors Sphynx allowed on the shows. The less is hair, the higher is the score. Rare colors are always a winner and under equal conditions  receive higher ratings.

That's why every animal breeder is trying to get a rare color.

Here you can get expert advice on the purchase and maintenance of a kitten.


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