When the sphynx is next to you the world changes to the best. Better than the sphynx there can be only one more sphynx.

"H" litter has been born - 26.05.2016.

Mother - Felisa Roza Kaira - world champion (WCH). Father - Roza Kaira Jingle Bells - world champion (WCH).

Hennessy Male sphynx  - white with different eyes - (w63).

SOLD (Norway)

You can already reserve a kitten:   info@lando.lv    (+371) 29491515

We are located in Riga, Latvia (EU).

All kittens have vaccines and are tamed to use nail sharpener, are tamed to use the toilet and are socialy adapted.

Our animals live together with us. We vare completely against cages. Kittens get along with kids very well and are not affraid of dogs. We have a german shepard in the house.


Питомник кошек
Питомник кошек
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